The safest bet is to keep moving

No industry knows this more than ground defense. Throughout the last 100-plus years of mechanized warfare, an impulse to innovate has often made the difference between mission success and failure. This is true today with tanks, personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, MRAPs, and related C4I systems.

Fueled by increased defense spending in the US, rising regional tensions around the world, and asymmetric threats like natural disasters and terrorism, the total market for all military ground vehicles is expected to hit $522 billion by 2022. The adoption of new materials for armor and the fuel efficiency of hybrid engines are accelerating this growth.

BAE's road map to value with PLM

Driving adoption of PLM early in the process allowed BAE to do more with less, while maintaining quality. Learn how BAE started to leverage real-time data across the enterprise to drive decisions based on business needs.
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Ground vehicles: Business challenges and key questions

Mission success within budget is a key business challenge for both industry and government stakeholders in aerospace and defense. PTC has the system-wide insight, proven technology, and best practices to help the ground vehicles sector lower risk while connecting the present to the future. Read on for some critical questions to ask as business challenges in ground vehicles arise—our aerospace and defense experts are ready with solutions on the other side.



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