Aircraft Fleets and MROs

Readiness solutions for military aircraft fleets and civilian airlines

With ever-changing political, economic, financial, and technology trends the near- to mid-term prospects for the aerospace industry could hardly appear brighter. Commercial aircraft manufacturers are challenged with increasing global demand for aircraft and the relative health of airlines around the world. In the defense sector, the need to modernize weapons systems throughout NATO, particularly for the US, has never been more urgent. The in-service commercial and military fleets are forecast to grow very rapidly in the coming years and the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) industry will need to evolve significantly to meet this challenging demand. 

In this light, high-efficiency aircraft fleet management, sustainment, and maintenance operations become the most critical component in civil and military aviation. Starting with aircraft maintenance facility management and managing MRO throughout the supply chain, the use of advanced digital technologies is imperative to establish high-efficiency operations. 

Airlines and MRO organizations adopting and deploying new approaches based on digital data management framework, with service parts management (SPM) and performance-based logistics (PBL), powered by Internet of Things and augmented reality (AR). Thanks to the advanced analytics and AI, MRO companies are progressing from centralized maintenance diagnostic operations, through real-time condition monitoring services, to prescriptive maintenance operations.   

Aircraft fleet and MRO questions PTC solves daily:

  • How to efficiently manage maintenance plans, assets, and activities for distributed aircraft fleets? 
  • How to plan service parts inventory to meet maintenance demand?
  • How to proactively track and manage service levels through sophisticated online service-level agreements?

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