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  • Unleash Workforce Productivity with AR

Unleash your workforce productivity with Augmented Reality

December 7 or December 9 | 3:00pm CET

Over the next decade ten million manufacturing jobs will be needed – millions will not be filled resulting in a skills gap jeopardizing the viability of industrial manufacturing. The need to transfer knowledge and skills to the new workforce is critical. There is also a need to capture technical expertise and scale this knowledge across an ever-shrinking technical workforce. Augmented reality helps address the manufacturing skills gap and influences a positive future of work by empowering frontline workers with the relevant information they need when and where they are needed most.

Join us to hear how AR is improving frontline worker productivity, engagement, and safety and helping industrial organizations embrace the future of work. During this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AR drives digital transformation for the frontline, addressing critical workforce skills gaps
  • How high-value AR use cases like remote assistance, work instructions, and 3D training materials are helping industrial companies empower frontline employees to work smarter and more effectively
  • How digitizing critical workflows improves sustainability and overall business effectiveness

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