The Benefits of a Standardized Communications Layers

January 16, 2019 at 2:00 PM ET

With access to accurate, reliable, and real-time industrial data, companies can improve processes, drive productivity, and make better decisions.

But data access is especially challenging in automated environments, which often include disparate industrial equipment, a range of enterprise business systems, multiple lines and remote geographic sites, and evolving regulatory and site security requirements.

As companies pursue industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives, it’s imperative that they address the challenges with deployment, management, performance, and security that occur as demand for device and process data increases.

This is where standardizing on a communications layer is key. By implementing standardized data flow through a centralized and secure architecture, companies can provide a single source of industrial data to all of their automation devices, machines, and software applications.

During this webcast, we’ll explore communications challenges in greater detail and demonstrate how a standardized connectivity layer provides you the performance you need today and the flexibility to future-proof your data tomorrow

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