Savaco Digital Transformation Seminar

Digital Transformation Seminar

Organizer: Savaco
When: March 26th 2020
Where: Skyline Park, Izegem, Belgium

The digital (r) evolution continues unabated. In almost every sector, technology increasingly influences the existing business model, the way in which we build relationships with customers and how our companies are managed. Flemish companies also understand this all too well and therefore develop ambitious digital strategies. Because if you do not make timely adjustments, you will be checked.

How far is the transformation in your organization?

It is important that you get started: your winning move is to take action now. Today's challenge is to turn digital strategies with a pragmatic approach into reality. Making an organization change course is not easy, but with a hands-on action plan, the right technology and sufficient attention to people and culture you take the right steps towards a sustainable future.

During Savaco's seminar "Digital Transformation - Your winning move is to take action" on 26 March in Skyline Park in Izegem, you will be introduced to the technologies with which you can realize your digital ambitions, you will hear and see testimonials from companies that are already big steps forward today in their digitization process, and you will be inspired to have your organization also change course.