Webinar: MicroVention Embarks on a Digital Thread Journey to Drive Product Development

Date: March 20, 2024<br> Time: 10 AM EST

“How's PTC helping me in that area? Well, they've given me, I'd say, a really good Swiss Army knife that I then can mold to my process.”

-Eric Horn, PLM Solution Architect - MicroVention

MicroVention, owned by Terumo, is a leader in aneurysm treatment. They are dedicated to enhancing patients' lives through cutting-edge neuroendovascular solutions. The manufacturer faces tough market entry and global expansion via regulatory compliances. Leveraging digital thread technology, MicroVention embarks on a transformative journey to meet these goals, while trying to stay cost-effective and deliver accessible healthcare.

In an insightful conversation, Eric Horn, PLM Solution Architect at MicroVention, offers his perspectives on achieving a digital transformation, as discussed with PTC's Mark Taber, VP of Marketing at PTC.

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