2021 World Manufacturing Forum and Week

Dates: October 20-21

Location: Online

The 2021 edition of the World Manufacturing Forum will focus on key emerging topics relevant to the resilience of Manufacturing. A particular focus will be given on the significance of the Circular Economy and how Digital Technologies are deployed to achieve environmental sustainability in manufacturing.

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  • October 21 Keynote: "Connecting the Industrial Frontline: Augmented Reality and the Future of Work"

    Embracing augmented reality is helping industrial organization to close the skills gap, drive step-change improvements in performance, embrace sustainable business practices, and realize meaningful bottom-line value. In this session, Mike Campbell, EVP and GM of Augmented Reality at PTC, will discuss how AR is improving frontline worker productivity, engagement, and safety and helping industrial organizations embrace the future of work.

    Mike will discuss:

    • How AR drives digital transformation for the frontline, addressing critical workforce skills gaps
    • How high-value AR use cases like remote assistance, work instructions, and 3D training materials are helping industrial companies empower frontline employees to work smarter and more effectively
    • How digitizing critical workflows improves sustainability and overall business effectiveness

  • PTC Online Event during the Manufacturing Week: Putting Employees First with Augmented Reality
  • As we race toward digital transformation, it's easy to look at workforce technology investments simply through the lens of productivity. And while that is an important metric, it’s only a small fraction of the impact you can make with augmented reality (AR).

    Perhaps more than any other recent technology innovation, AR is uniquely capable of meaningfully supporting employees as they work. Leading companies are already using AR to grow a culture of confidence and engagement, but doing so successfully requires truly putting people first as they deploy and scale. By leveraging people-first digital transformation strategies, these companies are moving beyond technology pilots to unlock meaningful value from AR.

    Join us to learn how AR can help you empower your organization’s most value asset – your people – to work smarter. We’ll look at critical use cases for AR, including remote collaboration, augmented training, and immersive work instructions, and discuss how human-centric change management can help you drive AR adoption at scale.

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