The Power in the Hidden Factory: Unlocking the Untapped Potential in Manufacturing Operations

Date: July 27

Time: 10:00am CET

Are you missing opportunities to drive productivity in your factory? Everyone wants to drive productivity, but adding capacity using traditional methods is expensive and time-consuming. At the same time, despite a multitude of data, the way many companies measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) masks potential areas to drive performance when it can reveal them. But how do you identify where the best chances are to improve productivity in real-time? Digital Performance Management can use data simply and effectively to identify and drive performance in your current operations. This approach yields improvements in your “hidden factory” to drive performance without heavy capital expenditures.

Please join Julie Fraser, VP of Research for Operations and Manufacturing at Tech-Clarity, and Nick Leeder, VP of Digital Transformation Solutions at PTC, to discuss how digital continuous improvement (CI) programs help ensure bottlenecks stay productive. The discussion will address how moving beyond OEE as a percentage to defining it in terms of time can impact bottleneck performance and improve crucial KPIs embedded in OEE. It will also explain how a digital CI approach can unlock potential process improvements from your hidden factory.

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