Time Is Money: The Next Generation of Digital Performance Management

Date: 12/13/22
Time: 10AM EST/4PM CET

Today’s manufacturing environment has put massive supply chain and personnel challenges in front of operations teams. It is more critical than ever that operations organizations have the tools they need to get the most out of limited resources—including the most effective use of scheduled production time.

PTC has brought to market a new way of accomplishing those goals with ThingWorx Digital Performance Management (DPM)—that takes continuous improvement programs to the next level by accounting for 100% of production time lost, regardless of cause or system of record. DPM is a closed-loop solution that identifies and prioritizes the most impactful issues on the shop floor, automatically employs advanced analytics (including AI and machine learning) to execute root cause analyses and brings real-time progress reporting on the financial value of issue resolution from the shop floor to the top floor. Enhanced capabilities in the DPM solution include automated bottleneck analysis and time-loss-analytics that pinpoints the scenarios where losses occur without a data scientist.

The DPM solution may be a new idea, but the underlying processes are based on years of use and validation by McKinsey & Company operations improvement teams in the field and are delivering significant customer value in multiple industries.

Join us on December 13th when industry experts discuss:

  • History and use of the performance management process
  • Advanced capabilities of the ThingWorx DPM solution
  • Real-world results and lessons learned from practitioners
  • Significant operational value at enterprise scale delivered by performance management
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