The CAD Renaissance Comes to Denver

Explore AR, real-time simulation, live and in person

Today, CAD is more relevant, more innovative, more powerful than ever. Join the Creo team in Denver, Colorado, on Thursday, May 23 for a day of expert-led learning, peer discussion, and fun. This event will position you for success by showing you new technologies, new ways of working, and more.

The Details

DATE: Thursday, May 23

TIME: 11AM to 4PM

LOCATION: Unser Karting & Events
7300 Broadway
Denver, CO 80221


11:00 AM Welcome!

Introduction and Lunch

12:30 PM The Renaissance of CAD – Sessions include:

  • Making Topology Optimization (TO) Part of Your Design Process.. Discover how to design products for the future, today. Learn hands-on how organizations are transforming the way they create, operate and service products by bridging their digital and physical worlds.
  • Specify Design Intent: Generative Design. Learn what this technology means to the design engineer now, how it will improve the design process, and where Creo is headed.
  • Making Simulation a Reality. Creo Simulation Live powered by ANSYS gives you real-time feedback in your modeling environment. Developed for the design engineer, this tool means simulation can be part of your daily workflow.
  • Manufacturing Consensus: Additive Manufacturing Tools & Techniques. No more hassle. With Creo, what you design is what you print. Go from topology optimization for concept design to lattice modeling and metal printing, all within Creo.
  • AR for Design Reviews. Learn about how AR and CAD work better together and what that may mean for product design. Try it for yourself!

2:00 PM Networking, Creo 6.0 Sneak Peek, and More!

Don’t miss out! Seating is limited.