Increase Employee Productivity

Learn strategies to make your organization more productive

In tougheconomic times, almost every organization is running leaner. Many people were let go as part of cost control measures. Hiring has been tight across the board. So organizations have to make do with the employees they have. In that light, organizational leaders must keep two things in mind: efficiency and effectiveness.

Ultimately, an employee’s work practices affect how effective and efficient they are in a role and thus directly impact the productivity of the organization.

Organizations can invest in the improvement of those practices. However, with cost controls often tight, organizational leaders face a difficult question: is it worth investing in the improvement of employee practices?

Through this white paper you will learn about:

  • The direct and hidden impacts of poor work practices.
  • The return on investment equation for training programs.
  • The key characteristics of a good training provider.

Are you managing a team or an entire organization? Then this new paper by industry analyst Chad Jackson is a must-read for you.

“In Tough Times, Effectiveness and Efficiency Count” – Chad Jackson