Vendor Participation Incorporate Vendors During the Development Process to Expose Risks Earlier

Analyze your data to make better planning, design, and sourcing decisions

As a retailer or brand owner, the ability to identify and mitigate risks, errors and potential delays early in the product creation process can make the difference between success and failure.

Your global network of vendors and suppliers is an integral part of your product development and sourcing process and should be tightly integrated into the development cycle from the start. By leveraging PTC’s FlexPLM solution, retailers can better equip themselves to meet the demands of today's rapidly changing marketplace, including:

  • Integrate internal teams and vendors to track and manage process milestones with streamlined approvals and automated alerts
  • Reduce product risk – such as poor product quality or missed cost targets – by reducing the likelihood of communication gaps and human error


As many retailers shift to incorporating vendor involvement earlier in the product development process, FlexPLM Vendor Portal enables vendors to access and edit products, materials and costing info in real-time. This gives visibility into availability and more possibilities so you can make efficient, timely, and cost-effective sorcing decisions.

As a result, you will experience fewer delays and increased margins.

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Identify and mitigate risks, errors and potential delays earlier in the product creation process

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