Vendor Exchange Exchange Product & Material Requirements with Vendors and Review Offerings that Satisfy Those Needs

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The evolution of technology within the retail industry is shaping how consumers behave and interact with brands. The rise and popularity of fast fashion is demanding retailers to stay engaged and informed with their consumers in order to better understand their buying behaviors. Retailers are putting the focus on their customers and allowing them to inspire what the next big trend will be and they are now able to do it in real-time.

PTC’s FlexPLM Inspiration App allows retailers to exchange product and material requirements with vendors and to review offerings that satisfy those consumer needs. Staying ahead of the trends and allowing the consumers to inspire the products helps retailers get products to market faster and for a lower cost. The Inspiration App is a collaboration board that communicates ideas and wish lists with vendors. It enables vendors to propose new products and support product selections and creation within FlexPLM.

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