Trend-Driven Product Development Use Trend Analysis and Consumer Personas to Predict Consumer Preferences & Plan On-Trend Product Lines

Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development

‘What types of products and what product designs should I be exploring for my target consumers in order to maximize revenue’ is a question asked by retailers and brand owners across the globe, season after season. By knowing which product attributes their customers value the most and having access to deeper insights earlier in the product decision cycle, companies can mitigate risk and ensure they build winning lines time after time.

Using the Optimized Line Planning App (OLP), developed in collaboration with First Insight, retailers and brands can now:

  • Understand key characteristics of their customer base by development of consumer personas and understanding how they impact revenue and margin.
  • Inform the assortment strategy based on the understanding of the consumer.
  • Create optimal line plans and design products guided by specific attribute.


By bringing together various data sources including First Insight testing data as well as historical sales and purchase history information, consumer buying preferences, and trends and applying the powerful machine learning capabilities of ThingWorx® , OLP provides retailers and brand owners with:

  • Optimized recommendations for the number and types of products to bring to market based on a retailer or brand owner’s consumer personas
  • Specific product design elements that will enable them to maximize the financial impact of the assortment
  • Ability to create winning products based directly on consumer input

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