Strategic Vendor Partnerships Empower Vendors to do More on Your Behalf so You Can Focus on Design & Innovation

Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development

With retailers focused on what trends its customers care about and challenged with meeting margin and revenue goals, the need to tightly integrate vendors into day-to-day development activities has become absolutely critical. The need to incorporate vendors earlier in the product creation stage to reduce risk and cost has also increased. The PTC FlexPLM Vendor Portal with deep supplier capabilities, along with integration with component suppliers such as Nexgen Packaging, inspire vendors to take on additional sourcing and production responsibilities, reducing development costs and freeing up time so retailers can stay focused on areas that matter like creativity, product innovation, revenue targets and bringing products to market, faster.

PTC’s vendor portal enables retailers and their supply chain partners to:

  • Collaborate directly on product development data
  • Share products, concepts, materials, colors, prints and patterns in real-time
  • Enable retailers to request quotes and confirm orders
  • Provide supplier access for material and product development
  • Deeper integration to view real-time material availability
  • Support shifting product creation & development duties to trusted supply chain partners

Tighter integration with component suppliers provides greater visibility into, and understanding of, garment components and their impact on lead times and delivery dates.

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