Seasonless Product Delivery Continuously Deliver New On-Trend Products to Market Via Real-Time & Frequent Planning

Maximize value and your competitiveness through seasonless product lines, personalized products, and transparent supply chains

The retail industry is changing rapidly. Fast fashion and season-less collections are transforming the industry. Keeping up with the latest trends might be good for consumers, but retailers can be left with excess inventory, markdowns, and a loss of sales volume if they miss the wave.

Real-time and frequent planning is necessary and possible thanks to PTC FlexPLM and our technology partner First Insight.

Seasonless product delivery allows retailers to continuously deliver new on-trend products with real-time and frequent planning. First Insight’s Optimized Line Planning App is enhanced with analytics that can consider external sales factors such as competitor products & pricing, store location, and weather. Retailers can now reap the fast-fashion benefits while increasing revenue and building brand loyalty.

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