Real-time Sales Insights Track Consumer Behavior and Sales Performance Across Markets and Channels

Maximize value and your competitiveness through seasonless product lines, personalized products, and transparent supply chains

Retailers have access to a ton of data, yet many do not know how to utilize it or apply it to their business. Several studies have shown that:

  • Leveraging shopper data for consumer insights can drive more targeted approaches to marketing and sharper business decisions.
  • Tracking consumer behavior and sales performance across markets and channels can and will ultimately lead to a noticeable increase in sales.

If retailers are going to be successful in today’s market, they will need to know how to tie the right, relevant data together to meet business needs and drive desired consumer behavior.

By leveraging ThingWorx retailers can:

  • Create dashboards to determine best performing products and obtain real-time sales insights
  • Gain insights into consumer reactions to brands and products, as well as consumer buying behavior both online and in physical stores.

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