Connected Sampling Manage Product & Material Samples by Exception and Automatically Track Sample Progress

Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development

Retailers and brand owners are challenged with bringing new products to market on-time, on-trend and on-budget, all while navigating the complexities of the global supply chain. With many retailers engaged with hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of suppliers and vendors across the globe, companies often find themselves asking:

  • How can we be more efficient at managing a high volume of samples?
  • How can we get deeper insight into the supply chain to reduce inefficiencies and risk?
  • How can we get greater visibility in order to ensure on-time deliveries of samples?

The PTC Connected Sampling App enables retailers to efficiently manage all product and material sampling processes, evaluate samples in real-time and provide detailed feedback to vendors, as well as the ability to track samples as they move across the supply chain.


By leveraging the PTC Connected Sample App, developers will have the ability to create samples management dashboards to better manage approvals, risks and determine when and where they’ll receive their samples. Users can collaborate more effectively with other internal departments and strengthen relationships with strategic partners.

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