AR Enabled Operations Create Wholly Immersive Experiences by Super-Imposing the Digital World Onto the Real, Physical ‘User’ World

Using augmented reality, you can surround yourself with an enhanced version of the real world. AR Enabled Operations take this one step further, giving users the ability to superimpose the digital world onto the real, physical ‘user’ world, creating an unusually rich visual experience.

The understanding gained through AR can be used to improve training, work instructions, quality validation, maintenance execution, and operations monitoring.

Benefits to the Factory:

  • Increases workforce efficiency and flexibility by delivering easy-to-consume, guided instructions
  • Dramatically improves training speed and outcomes through cognitively rich digital / physical user experiences
  • Improves quality assurance through use of AR as a quality- control visual validation technique
  • Improves safety by making workers aware of in-context safety risks

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