Collaborative AR/VR Design Collaborate Like Never Before

Companies can now hire top engineering and design talent from all over the world. And those people can work from anywhere. But this convenience can turn into a burden when it slows a team’s ability to reach consensus and make timely decisions. Especially with design reviews.

By using AR/VR, teams can not only increase a design review’s effectiveness, but facilitate all team member’s rapid and full participation. Reviewers can see product data at either full scale or custom scale, and in a real-world environment. They then can provide feedback via text, drawing, or audio, which is integrated into the product development system so issues can be tracked.

Collaborative AR/VR Design:

  • Increases participation of stakeholders from disparate locations
  • Enhances descision-making by incorporating voice, text, and drawn input directly into the product’s design history
  • Reduces the likelihood of a costly sophisticated design review by identifying issues early.

View a Prosthetic Leg in Augmented Reality

View an Engine in Augmented Reality

Distributed AR/VR Product Review

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