Performance Advisor

PTC's 1st Smart Connected Support Tool

We want to make sure you get the most out of your PTC experience. So we're there every step of the way guiding, supporting and using powerful real-time and data-driven insights from our powerful ThingWorx IoT platform to help you get maximum value for your organization and customers. Because innovative results require a personalized approach.

With less room for error than ever before, knowledge and guidance from expert support is critical. We proactively monitor your PTC solutions in real-time in order to recommend upgrades and optimizations that keep your organization running at peak performance and beyond.

The Performance Advisor is the first smart connect support service that helps monitor and manage your software installations – exclusively available to all active support and subscription customers. Powered by PTC's own IoT platform, ThingWorx, the Performance Advisor tool helps customers realize operational efficiencies, service and complete IT process transformations, and conduct actionable analysis within their own installations.

Over 10,000 connected customers today and growing!


Data Sheet


Data Sheet