• configure sso for vuforia studio

Configure SSO for Vuforia Studio

Have SSO configured for Vuforia Studio and documented by a PTC expert


In this service, a PTC Expert will perform all the technical tasks associated with configuring Single Sign On (SSO) on a pre-production environment that mimics production configurations as much as possible. Once the production-like environment has been configured and validated, documentation will be provided to repeat the steps in a production environment.

How it Works

This is a 2.5-day engagement and includes the following activities:

  1. PTC will configure Vuforia Experience Service for Single Sign-On
  2. If necessary, PTC will upgrade the Vuforia Experience Service
  3. PTC will configure ThingWorx as a Resource Provider to push authentication to the Vuforia Experience Service
  4. PTC will work with you to validate that the configurations work and deliver the documentation


The following criteria must be met before this service can be consumed:

  • ThingWorx must be installed prior to the delivery of this service and configured with SSO
  • An operational ThingWorx System with the appropriate licensing for ThingWorx 8.5.5 or greater
  • PostgreSQL database installed prior to delivery
  • The server provisioned for new installations of the Vuforia Experience Service prior to the deliver of the service
  • Provide full administrative rights to PTC for the systems where PingFederate, Microsoft ADFS/Azure AD, and Vuforia Experience Serivce are running
  • An operational PingFederate system as your Central Authentication Service (CAS) with version 8.4.4 (Patch 3) or greater
  • An operational Identity Provider (IdP) using Windchill DS, Microsoft ADFS or Azure AD
  • The certificates that run ThingWorx and PingFederate in HTTPS (CA, Organizational CA, Self-signed)

Additional Information

Outcome: Have SSO configured for Vuforia Studio and documented by a PTC expert

Journey: AR

Remote or Onsite: Remote

Success Points*: 10 pts (NA region)

*Please note: Information including Success Point values may vary depending on location. Success Point values shown are for reference only and based on North America. Contact your Success Manager for specific services and point values for your location. Please refer to our terms and conditions for additional details.