• nevada horne

Nevada Horne

Kepware Renewal Advisor, USA

Telephone: 207-387-2367
Office Address: 400 Congress St, Portland, ME, 040101

I recently started working on the Kepware Renewal Sales within PTC. I am the renewal contact for southern region of the United States and manage all subscription renewals. My academic background is in Business- I have a bachelor’s degree in both Management and Marketing from the University of Maine-Orono

Fun Fact: Nevada is a family name. I am named after my great grandmother who was born shorty after Nevada was admitted as the 36th state in 1864.


Tip for customer:

"Take a good look at your business model and how you will be implementing the product. Then decide what would be a better fit for purchasing; subscription or perpetual licenses. Each option has many different advantages which I would be happy to discuss with you!"

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