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September, 2020


PTC Vuforia Leads Teknowlogy’s Top Connected Worker Platforms for 2020

In their latest PAC RADAR report exploring why AR is an essential digital platform for the industrial world, research firm Teknowlogy reveals the leading AR vendors for 2020 and identifies what makes an AR platform attractive to users. Download the report to discover why Teknowlogy ranks PTC Vuforia as the #1 open digital platform for connected workers.

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  • Creo

    New Success Path Available for Upgrading Creo

    Upgrading an established system may seem daunting. However, our Customer Success team has the expertise to support you with your next upgrade project. We’ve gathered everything you need to plan, set-up and deploy your upgrade. The resources include technical documentation, training courses, and PTC services for upgrading to Creo 7, as well as previous versions.

    Explore the guide to get started

  • ThingWorx

    Transform Your Service Model with Remote Diagnostics

    Learn how companies are now leveraging condition monitoring solutions, including remote diagnostics technology, to provide customers with unique offerings, which will in turn help maximize the return on their maintenance investment. By providing real-time insights into running assets from anywhere, at any time, remote diagnostics can lengthen equipment lifecycles and ultimately transform your field service model.

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  • PTC University

    On the Road Again: PTC University Creo Training Roadmap Webinar

    Watch PTC University’s Matt Huybrecht and Shannon Rajoelina discuss the latest and greatest Creo updates and plans for the future. In this webcast, they dive into the newest Creo 7.0 subscription package features, including new Creo course updates, and explore what’s coming up in the Creo universe.

    Watch the replay and read the Creo Roadmap Blog now 
  • Vuforia

    Tactic Studio Creates Engaging Coke Augmented Reality Experience

    To provide a critical boost to sales and engagement in an extremely competitive holiday market, Tactic needed to create a new interactive AR experience for Coke’s mobile app around its holiday-themed cans and bottles. See why Tactic turned to Vuforia Engine to create the high-quality AR experience Coke was seeking.

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  • Windchill

    PTC’s Windchill SaaS Chosen to Serve as Backbone for U.S. Navy Digital Transformation

    The Navy is moving from tracking ship parts on paper to a platform built around “digital twins”— essentially creating virtual replicas of those physical pieces — the company providing the software announced Wednesday.

    In developing a digital twin system, software company PTC will enable the Navy to use augmented reality to see images of the parts and ships in 3-D with corresponding data to track them, instead of storing information about repairs and parts in filing cabinets or PDFs on hard drives.

    The new deal between the Navy and PTC is a “seismic shift” in both modernizing an IT system and breaking down cultural “silos” in the service, Ashley Holloway, the Navy’s chief architect for model-based product support, said in an interview. The Navy hopes that the centralization of data with digital twins — which it prefers to call a “digital thread” — will reduce redundancies and provide easier access to more users.

    “Now having that digital representation and being able to share that info … that’s the key to managing the model representation of that ship or that system,” Holloway said.

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