Customer Success Bulletin

October, 2020


End of Sale Announcement for Creo Apps

Last month, PTC is announced the end of sale for the following part numbers. As of September 30th, 2020, the applications listed below will no longer be supported in Creo 8 and later product releases:

  • Creo Direct (SPN-3501-F)
  • Creo Render Studio App (SPN-4500-F)
  • Creo Layout (SPN-3575-F)
  • Creo Options Modeler Standard Application (SPN-3588-F)
  • Creo Options Modeler Enterprise Application (SPN-3591-F)
  • Creo Simulate App (SPN-3502-F)
  • Creo Simulate App - Advanced Simulation Extension (SPN-3334-L)

These applications will be supported in Creo 7 and earlier versions (Creo 7 will be supported through April 2024).

During this support period, PTC will continue to provide software updates per the Creo 7 patch schedule. These applications will not be supported in Creo 8 and later product releases. For more on support timelines, please refer to the PTC Product Calendar.

To transition, you have the option of renewing support and staying on your perpetual software or moving to the relevant extension via Conversion process; customers with subscription can renew their agreements or remix out of these applications into the relevant Creo extensions.

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    Scale Industry 4.0 Value with 5 Practical Steps - Case Study


    Scale purgatory is a more recent detrimental digital initiative phenomena where manufacturers are troubled with duplicating initial successes across the enterprise. There are 5 Practical Steps manufacturers at different points in their Industry 4.0 journey can take today to overcome this growth limiting inhibitor. Read this blog on how to Scale I4.0 in your organization.


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  • PTC University

    On the Road Again: PTC University Creo Training Roadmap Webinar

    Watch PTC University’s Matt Huybrecht and Shannon Rajoelina discuss the latest and greatest Creo updates and plans for the future. In this webcast, they dive into the newest Creo 7.0 subscription package features, including new Creo course updates, and explore what’s coming up in the Creo universe.

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  • Vuforia

    Returning to Work: Supporting Your Strategy with Augmented Reality

    Unexpected disruptions, however big or small, can have a significant impact across enterprise operations. Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have proven why it pays to be well-prepared with a frontline workforce that’s adaptive and resilient. With solutions that range from over-the-shoulder remote assistance to instant step-by-step knowledge capture, augmented reality has quickly become a must-have technology for bringing frontline employees back to work safely. See for yourself - check out some of our most recent AR content and discover how companies like yours are using AR to bounce back faster than ever before.

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  • Windchill

    ERP and PLM: Two Essential Pillars of Manufacturing That Work Better Together


    Manufacturers rightly rely on ERP and PLM systems to drive their business. ERP makes it possible to manage financials, connect suppliers and partners, reliably plan and schedule, and optimize essential manufacturing processes, to name a few. PLM provides the context, security, traceability, and processes needed across enterprise teams and systems to ensure product data is accessible and trustworthy. As such, it enables faster time to market, lower costs, and higher quality products.


    As the definition of PLM has broadened along with its impact, many manufacturers are unclear about how to develop and implement a strategy that enables them to derive maximum benefit from both ERP and PLM. PTC believes both systems play critical roles, and that the proper coordination and calibration of these systems can add value beyond what either one can deliver alone.


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