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May, 2020

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  • Creo

    Creo 7.0 Core Productivity Enhancements You'll Want to Explore

    Last month, PTC released Creo 7.0 with innovations including generative design, real-time fluid flow analysis, multi-body design, additive manufacturing enhancements, and more!

    Brian Thompson, DVP and GM of PTC's CAD business, introduces Creo 7.0 and kicks off the top productivity enhancements in Creo 7.0.

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  • ThingWorx

    Customer Success: Bell and Howell Drives Innovation with IIoT-enabled Service

    Bell and Howell were faced with the challenge to optimize its service capabilities and provide enhanced service levels at a lower cost. Motivated to explore new technologies, Bell and Howell decided on PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform as the foundation of its IoT-enabled offering.

    Learn how Bell and Howell has achieved a first-time fix rate of over 92% by leveraging PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform. Enhancing the installation, service, support, and remote monitoring of its customers’ operations and assets.

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  • Vuforia

    The Power of Industrial AR to Reduce Manufacturing Scrap and Rework

    In manufacturing, scrap is the enemy of profits. Manufacturing rework, waste, scrap, and defects all add up to product recalls, warranty returns, and after-sales servicing expenses. According to Forbes, poor product quality can cost manufacturers up to 30% of their total revenue.

    As products become increasingly complex and production processes are globally dispersed, tremendous pressure is being placed on processes and skilled employees. As experts age out of the workforce, the challenge lies in refilling the skills gap. As the gap widens, so does the potential for human error and the resulting costs of scrap, rework, and downtime.

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  • Windchill

    Windchill Helps STERIS Quickly Package and Design for Use by Industrial Manufacturers

    Our customer, STERIS, has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for respirator decontamination. The EUA enables healthcare providers to decontaminate N95 Respirators utilizing certain STERIS V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization, which is designed in PTC Creo and managed in PTC Windchill.

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We chose to leverage a Success Plan as a flexible way of delivering services, enablement, and ultimately the value we expected from our relationship with PTC. Through the seamless orchestration and guidance of our Strategic Customer Success Manager, we benefited from enhanced governance of our key global IoT initiatives, which not only optimized our customer experience, but also accelerated our business outcomes.

Ruchi Verma Global IoT Partner Manager Ericsson