Customer Success Bulletin

March, 2019

Creo 6.0 Has Been Launched!

Creo 6.0 introduces exciting capabilities in real-time simulation, design for additive manufacturing, and productivity. In particular, Creo 6.0 makes it easy to share designs with anyone and foster collaboration. A few clicks inside your model create a link to an augmented reality experience. You send the link, and anyone with a mobile device can see your model in context and at scale. No special skills needed. Your job just got easier!

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What's the latest in...

  • Creo

    Creo Simulation Live powered by ANSYS launches

    Brian Thompson, the CAD GM, said it best: “This technology breakthrough will finally make simulation-driven design a reality!”

    Creo Simulation Live runs in the background as you design. No switching between windows and no hassle. Instead, you get design guidance as part of your everyday workflow so you can iterate faster, consider more options, and have more confidence in your decisions. Creo Simulation Live works on parts and assemblies and provides structural, thermal, and modal analysis. Try Creo Simulation Live Now.

  • ThingWorx

    Transform your Workforce with PTC’s Manufacturing Solutions

    Transform your Workforce with PTC’s Manufacturing Solutions
    Last week, we launched PTC’s Manufacturing Workforce Productivity Solution. This solution addresses modern workforce challenges to help manufacturers attract and retain talent, while elevating them to the next level of efficiency, agility, and safety. PTC’s solution brings together industrial IoT, AR, and PLM technologies to provide workers with the right information at the right time, and in the right context. This powerful, purpose-built solution ensures the entire workforce can make better decisions, be more productive, and adapt in real-time. To learn more about PTC’s Manufacturing Workforce Productivity Solution, check out the press release.

    PTC also announced the availability of a new ThingWorx Manufacturing App for Operators on the shop floor. Operator Advisor (OA). This new product helps manufacturers increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency by unifying IT-OT data. On a single screen, OA provides work order, work instruction, machine, and smart tool data. And by connecting to various siloed manufacturing systems – including ERP, MES, PLM, and CMMS, and by capturing machine data from HMIs and PLCs – Operator Advisor is able to provide in-context, accurate information and data unlike any other solution.

    Read this compelling case study to learn how OA has transformed the way Vestas delivers information to their employees on the shop floor!

  • Vuforia

    PTC to Accelerate Adoption of Mixed Reality With Support for Microsoft HoloLens 2

    At the end of February, PTC announced from the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Vuforia augmented reality and mixed reality (AR/MR) solutions offer built-in support for Microsoft HoloLens 2. Vuforia solutions give industrial customers an efficient and effective way to create AR/MR interactions that capitalize on Microsoft HoloLens 2 new gestures, voice enhancements, and tracking capabilities without the need for extensive programming or costly custom designers. Read the Full Press Release now.

  • Windchill

    Listen to the Connected Engineer Podcast

    A podcast for engineers, designers, and innovators about the product design challenges of today and the trends of tomorrow. Hear from industry experts from companies such as iRobot, Fujitsu, and Cummins on how they are leveraging new technologies like AR and additive manufacturing to build innovative new products and what new technologies are heading our way. Listen to The Podcast.

Vodacom made the decision to purchase the PTC Success Plan as we saw it as a good avenue to get access to specialized PTC expertise as and when required. We are embarking on several customer projects where we are learning and need to reach out to PTC for guidance on best practices as well as potentially help us to accelerate learning and/or outcomes. We see the success plan as the best avenue to achieve this support from PTC. – Jenny Pather, Manager of Electronic Commerce, Vodacom