Customer Success Bulletin

February, 2020

Try Creo Simulation Live Today!

Creo Simulation Live runs in the background as you design. No switching between windows and no hassle. Instead, you get design guidance as part of your everyday workflow, so you can iterate faster, consider more options, and have more confidence in your decisions. Creo Simulation Live works on parts and assemblies and provides structural, thermal, and modal analysis.

Watch the Creo Simulation LIVEstream Trailer to find out how to:

  • Streamline product development and speed time-to-market
  • Reduce product development cost (e.g., prototypes, rework, scrap, delays)
  • Increase market share via increased quality, brand loyalty and competitive differentiation
  • Reduce after-market service, warranty and repair cost

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What's the latest in...

  • Creo

    Datasheet Alert: Powering Collaboration with Augmented Reality

    With Creo AR Design Share, you have the power of cloud-based AR in every seat of Creo and in Windchill. You can view and share designs, securely collaborate with colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the enterprise, and access your designs anywhere, anytime. In Creo 6.0, it gets even better. Now you can publish and manage up to 10 designs, controlling who has access to each experience, and easily remove old ones at will. In addition, you can now publish experiences for use with the HoloLens and as QR codes.

    Download the Datasheet
  • ThingWorx

    ThingWorx Version 8.5 Is Now Available!


    A substantial update to ThingWorx is here with a full range of new and updated features and functionality that enhance core platform capabilities – including connectivity, application development, analytics and usability and:

    • Solution Central: Deploy and manage ThingWorx applications across the enterprise from a single location – everything is accessible from a centralized cloud portal.
    • ThingWorx Flow: Automate business processes by connecting systems and devices across the enterprise and orchestrating the flow of information. 
    • Enhanced Mashup Builder: Create more elegant and enhanced user interfaces by leveraging new widgets and layout features

    To see a ThingWorx 8.5 demonstration, click here  

  • Vuforia

    Have you explored Vuforia Chalk? Power your people with AR Remote Assistance!

    Vuforia Chalk brings your technicians and experts together to solve problems faster & more effectively. Reduce potentially costly mistakes with the ability to accurately markup live views to highlight details or guide multi-step solutions. Boost customer satisfaction by empowering your team with instant support and access to information. With Vuforia Chalk it is easy to troubleshoot and receive expert guidance needed for situations not covered in training or service manuals.

    Vuforia Chalk teams gain access to:

    • Unlimited AR-enabled Video Calls
    • Centralized User Management
    • Dashboard & Analytics
    • iOS + Android Device Support
    • 24x7 Admin Support
    Learn more today
  • Windchill

    ProINTRALINK is Being Retired

    PTC is announcing the retirement of Pro/INTRALINK and the version, released in December of 2019, will be the product’s final release. Pro/INTRALINK will continue to be supported through the planned end-of-support dates for the release, currently scheduled for Q2 2021. During this support period, PTC will continue to provide software updates per the patch schedule and Creo compatibility updates (roadmap is available here). For more on support timelines, please refer to the PTC Product Calendar.

    To transition our customers from Pro/INTRALINK, PTC is offering an exchange of existing Pro/INTRALINK licenses to Windchill licenses (providing Creo data management and visualization support). Unlike Pro/INTRALINK’s concurrent licensing, Windchill licensing is based on a registered user. To address this difference, PTC will offer customers a 1:3 Pro/INTRALINK license to Windchill license exchange for each Pro/INTRALINK multi-site license and a 1:1 Pro/INTRALINK to Windchill exchange of Pro/INTRALINK single-site license for Windchill.

    For additional details please read the FAQ Document
The demo was a great success and Customer Success Management and PTC’s Success Services played a critical role in this. The Customer Success Management team was prompt with our requests, and we appreciate it. We at Thermo Fisher look forward to even more successes as we gear towards commercialization. Thank you for your support and collaboration!
– Vijay Varadarajan, IIOT Product Manager, Materials & Minerals, Thermo Fisher