Customer Success Bulletin

August, 2020


The Role of Corporate Strategy During COVID-19: Q&A with Kathleen Mitford

Making corporate strategy challenges infinitely more complex is the COVID-19 crisis. The impact of the global pandemic is far-reaching, affecting businesses across all sectors and resulting in extreme supply chain disruption. Global businesses are quickly adapting to the “new normal” as executive leaders look for proactive strategies to protect their employee bases – and their bottom lines.

To find out more about PTC’s corporate strategy during COVID-19 – and beyond – I recently sat down with Kathleen Mitford, PTC EVP, Chief Strategy Officer. A 14-year veteran of PTC, holding leadership positions in product and market strategy and product management and R&D for PTC’s core and growth businesses prior to her current role, Kathleen is well-versed in strategy, corporate development, partnerships and acquisitions, corporate marketing, education, and portfolio management.

What's the latest in...

  • Creo

    New Creo Curriculum Now Available! 

    We are always listening to your feedback and it has inspired our instructional design team to reimagine this year’s Creo Update course to make it more modular and easier to consume. To support that goal, we’ve given Update a complete redesign to ensure you can learn about the latest enhancements in the most efficient way.  

    Changes include:
    • Courses are going to have the naming convention, “What’s New in [functional areas].”
    • Functional areas will follow the high-level sections of the Creo LEARN catalog (Fundamentals, Modeling, Surfacing, Sheetmetal, Assembly, etc.)
    • A total of four three-hour LEARN Sessions are scheduled at this time.
    • Each major enhancement section will have a timeline slide to show what enhancements were introduced in which version of Creo.
    • After each timeline slide, instructors will do deep dive into the individual enhancements.
    • Each Enhancement slide has an “information radiator” to correspond to the version of Creo the enhancement was introduced in.

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  • ThingWorx

    Accelerate IoT Value Across the Enterprise: DevOps With ThingWorx

    Discover how to accelerate IIoT value across your entire enterprise via improved DevOps capabilities available through ThingWorx Solution Central. Take your apps a step further with Solution Central to rapidly deploy, effectively monitor, and seamlessly configure solutions across your enterprise. Take advantage of existing PTC Manufacturing Solutions like Asset Advisor, Operator Advisor and Navigate to digitally transform your organization and store your solutions and their associated dependencies in one cloud-based portal. Utilize Solution Central to rapidly accelerate the DevOps cycle.

  • Vuforia

    How Augmented Reality Can Help Frontline Employees Return to Work Safely

    As employees around the globe return to work in the "new normal" of social distancing, technologies like augmented reality are helping industrial organizations resume operations and sales activities without sacrificing productivity. View this infographic to discover how organizations like yours are using AR to help frontline employees get back to work - while staying safe.

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  • Windchill

    “Producing with Quality”; The Nidec Global Appliance Story

    Staying competitive in a globalized world goes far deeper than the “next best thing.” For Nidec Global Appliance, driving energy-efficient refrigeration solutions has made them a globally formidable force, providing excellence in food preservation with a diverse portfolio addressing real customer challenges..

    In this webinar replay you will learn about Nidec Global Appliance’s journey of implementing PTC’s Windchill, improving their product development process, managing changes to their internal culture, and ultimately delivering on their mission to provide innovative solutions for a better quality of life.

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