Ubiquoss Inc.

Ubiquoss logoUbiquoss is a network specialty company with nation-wide broadband service experiences and IP technology. Ubiquoss supplies FTTH PON equipment and Ethernet switches to U.S., Europe, and major Asian countries. Ubiquoss is recognized worldwide for its quality products.

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  • Switch from 2D CAD to 3D CAD, with integrated product data management
  • Decrease product development time
  • Reduce product development cost

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  • PTC Creo provides the power to quickly design and modify large assemblies with many components
  • Tools and extensions included in PTC Creo used for top-down design process
  • PTC Creo provides structural check of 3D designs


  • PTC Creo provides full verification and validation of 3D designs which reduces the need for prototyping
  • Reduced product development time by 11%
  • Errors have been reduced by 15%
  • Ubiquoss cut design cost by 8% with PTC Creo