Aston Martin Racing’s chief Engineer, Dan Sayers defined the current problems faced by his organization in the following ways:

  • Load times on previously used software were high, hindering performance.
  • Large scale projects took 18 months to 2 years due to previous design systems.
  • Purchasing team took ages to find parts for models

Aston Martin Racing cars will compete on all five continents this year and the chief engineer believes that PTC’s technology has helped teams win races and championships around the world.

Aston Martin Racing has three models of racing car – the V8 Vantage GT4, the V12 Vantage GT3 and the V8 Vantage GTE – with numerous wins to their name.

“The combination of very good design modeling software and a leading data management solution made PTC our best choice,” says Dan Sayers, chief engineer at Aston Martin Racing. “We used Creo Parametric, along with its Advanced Assembly, Simulation, and Mechanism Analysis Extensions, to design three cars all with very different requirements.”

As anyone would expect in a racing team, speed is important and Aston Martin’s engineers were impressed by reduced design time and ease of use.

“An engine assembly that used to take 10 minutes to load now comes up in seconds if you use the simplified rep,” says Sayers. “It cuts design time significantly as you don’t load the detailed geometry of parts you’re not working on.”

Off to the Races with Advanced CAD Modeling and PLM Software

In addition to the Creo design system, Aston Martin Racing invested in Windchill, PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management system, in order to improve its design process. The investment was justified when the team designed and launched the Vantage GT3 in less than year taking it from blank piece of paper to a car on track in nine months.”

The Vantage GT3 has been designed from the ground up to offer customers the latest in race-car technology – see the first test drive below!

“Previously, a project like this might have required 18 months to two years. But the PTC products saved time throughout development,” continues Sayer. “Even the purchasing team took significantly less time to find parts with Windchill.”

In fact, the PTC systems helped Aston Martin Racing to create race cars that exceeded the targets set out for them, according to Sayer. “The Vantage GT3, for example, exceeds all the targets we set. It’s a different beast from any of its predecessors. The GTE is considered one of the best GT cars in the world and took class wins in both Le Mans 24 Hours and the World Endurance Championship last year.”