SOCOTEC logoTEST TESTSOCOTEC provides services in inspection and measurement, assistance and consultancy, including training and certification. SOCOTEC helps to optimize the performance of companies in every sector by managing the risks inherent in their activities in the areas of quality, health and safety, and the environment.


  • Streamline the work to convert Eurocode regulation specifications into concrete calculation worksheets
  • Create Eurocode validation worksheets specific for each domain such as structural dynamics and concrete structures.
  • Provide ready-to-use templates for SOCOTEC’s agencies to support consultancy and certification services
  • Reduce post-calculation verification reviews     


  • PTC Mathcad enables SOCOTEC to easily create calculation worksheets
  • PTC Mathcad ensures data integrity and reliable results
  • Easy to use worksheets can be tested and reviewed in real-time


  • Proofing and verification are three times faster compared to using Excel for calculations
  • The results provided are 100% reliable and undisputable when shared with other departments and customers
  • A library of existing and reusable worksheets are used as templates reducing efforts by 40%