Lovejoy Uses Creo and PTC Mathcad to Bring Products to Market 50% Faster

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Founded in 1900, Lovejoy holds an international reputation as the leading company specializing in flexible coupling design and development. Lovejoy products are available worldwide through distributors in North America and 45 other countries, supported by Lovejoy offices and support staff in Canada, Europe and the USA. Discover more Creo customers stories, view videos and read the Creo blog.


  • Transform CAD system into part of the company’s core infrastructure
  • Reduce product design time to increase productivity and improve time to market
  • Speed up bid process


  • Creo provides the tools and extensions to create a top-down design process
  • Creo supports skeleton models that further enhance top-down scheme
  • Creo provides structural check of 3D designs
  • PTC Mathcad performs calculations for customization and industry standards


  • Standard designs that once took 6-8 weeks to produce now take 2 weeks to deliver to customers
  • Designs that once required 2 days now can be completed in a few hours
  • Request for Quotes are generated 50-75% faster, and provide jumpstart on detailed design process once bid is accepted

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