Lawrence Livermore

Lawrence Livermore logoThe National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is the world’s largest and most energetic laser facility. NIF’s giant lasers have nearly 40,000 optics that guide, reflect, amplify, and focus 192 laser beams onto a fusion target the size of a pencil eraser.


  • Optimize updates to engineering reference manual, including procedures for performing calculations
  • Support safety notes for all components and equipment so that data can be easily reviewed and leveraged
  • Create library of material and bolt properties
  • Accurately perform conversions, whether SI or English units


  • PTC Mathcad was selected to create accurate calculation-heavy reference manual pages and safety notes
  • Using the PTC Mathcad reference feature, users can create a worksheet of reusable content such as functions, materials properties, critical values and access it all from within other worksheets
  • Units of any type can be used and mixed in a single PTC Mathcad document so conversions done by hand are no longer needed


  • Using PTC Mathcad, engineers solve common problems approximately three times faster using pre-tested sample problems which eliminates the need for calculations by hand or by spreadsheet
  • Engineers work 10-20% faster by retrieving properties from PTC Mathcad reference files rather than looking up data from varied sources
  • Unit calculations are fully automated which has reduced errors