DevicesJANUS provides full technical supporting service such as high precision, high value-added mould production, injection molding, surface process and treatment, vacuuming metalling, IML, IMD, etc. for products of mobile phone, data NIC, tablet PC, medical device, MP3/MP4, shaver, digital camera, and automotive electronics.

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  • Reduce product design time and increase productivity to improve time to market.
  • Maintain industry leadership and expand into new markets with competitive, high-quality equipment


  • PTC Creo delivers easy, intuitive direct 3D modeling that enables users to modify designs on-the-fly, enabling faster design time
  • Engineering and manufacturing sites standardized on PTC solutions


  • Reduced design cost 10%
  • Shortened innovation design cycles by 7% reducing time to market
  • Reduced errors by 9%