INFOPIA Reduces Manufacturing Time by 30% Using Creo


Infopia was founded in Korea in 1996 developing biosensor technology products including auto chemical analyzers, blood glucose monitoring systems and HBA1C measuring systems. Infopia has grown into a publically traded corporation exporting to over 60 countries worldwide. Infopia continues to expand its technology and product line to include heart disease diagnostic kits, cancer diagnosing, liver analyzers, and remote treatment systems.

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  • Increase collaboration with other companies using 2D CAD to reduce problems with changing designs


  • Infopia adopted the Creo Essentials Package, which supports the design process from the beginning


  • Reduced the development time due to collaborative design
  • Reduced time-to-design by 30%
  • Reduced errors resulting from changing of designs
  • Increased customer’s satisfaction by using 3D models

Infopia Image