Heidelberg needed its printing presses to deliver higher levels of uptime and productivity to print shops, while reducing its service costs.

Perhaps no company in the world is as closely tied to the fortunes of the commercial printing industry as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, known in English as Heidelberg. The company is by far the largest producer of printing presses with a market share that encompasses approximately half the world market.

Heidelberg has spent more than 15 years transforming its products, organization and business model to deliver value to its customers with smart services. This initiative originated with the vision that smart, connected services had the potential to revolutionize the printing machinery business by enabling presses to deliver much higher levels of uptime and productivity to print shops. By focusing on the delivery of smart services that increase uptime and provide information that can be used to better manage a printing operation, Heidelberg is well positioned to continue to expand its leadership position in the printing machinery business.