Callaway Cars uses Creo to Increase Production by 3X

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Callaway Cars produces specialty vehicles, engineering services, and performance products that showcase technological sophistication, artistry in design, and beauty in craftsmanship. Headquartered in Old Lyme, CT with locations in Santa Ana, CA and Leingarten, Germany, they create vehicles that provide maximum satisfaction to driving enthusiasts. Discover more Creo customers stories, view videos and read the Creo blog.


  • Reduce product design time and increase productivity to improve time to market.
  • Continue to increase product quality by maximizing virtual development time
  • Select and standardize on a single CAD software across the company, eliminating other 2D and 3D systems
  • Utilizes team-based development methods to produce limited edition, ultra-high-performance vehicles and increase production


  • Creo provides the power to quickly design and modify assemblies with many components
  • Engineers are able to easily create multiple design iterations before prototyping by creating families of components sharing design features between them.
  • Creo's new design interface makes the system very easy to learn and use. 


  • Reduce concept development time by 30-35% by using existing designs as the foundation for new models
  • Maintain confidence with customers and vendors by delivering high level of product quality in Corvettes, Camaro and Silverado Trucks
  • Creo is a robust solution to handle design, assembly and data management
  • Increased production by 3x with the design of three models of cars in one year.

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