BNL Adopts Windchill Workgroup Manager for ECAD Design Data Management

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The mission of the Collider-Accelerator Department at BNL is to develop, improve and operate the suite of particle/heavy ion accelerators used to carry out the program of accelerator-based experiments at BNL; to support the experimental program including design, construction and operation of the beam transports to the experiments plus support of detector and research needs of the experiments; to design and construct new accelerator facilities in support of the BNL and national missions. The C-A Department supports an international user community of over 1500 scientists. The department performs all these functions in an environmentally responsible and safe manner under a rigorous conduct of operations approach.

Brookhaven National Laboratory applies its expertise and world-class facilities to pressing scientific questions about everything from the fundamental forces of nature to the complex interactions of ecosystems and the environment. Our cutting-edge explorations reveal processes that unfold across the smallest and largest scales of time and space imaginable—from the building blocks of matter to the edges of the universe itself.


  • Increase project team efficiency by providing a ‘single source of truth’ for all ECAD and MCAD data by Dec. 2014
  • Reduce design cycle time through more efficient design team collaboration and revision control
  • Enable broader project team data sharing via automated data viewable generation
  • Automate the ECAD BOM Management process and remove manual intervention associated with combined ECAD-MCAD BOM generation


  • Windchill 10.2 with Windchill Workgroup Manager for Mentor Graphics to automate and facilitate:
    • ECAD Design Data Management
    • ECAD BOM Management
    • Design team collaboration and review process


  • ECAD Workgroup Manager for Mentor Graphics will enable us to meet our defined initiatives and allow us to promote the required ‘single source of truth’ for all of our data
  • Data visualization in Windchill will provide greater visibility of design data to the broader team without needing a license for the tools themselves
  • Automatically generating the ECAD BOM on check-in will allow us to combine that with our MBOM giving us greater control over part management and ‘where-used’ visibility
  • Automated version control will ensure the security of the design data and allow ease of roll-back at any time if needed

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