BCIT: Helping Students Learn the Math of Nuclear Medicine 50% Faster with PTC Mathcad


The British Columbia Institute of Technology Nuclear Medicine Technology program prepares students in medical imaging careers. Nuclear medicine uses biological tracers combined with radioactive materials to help diagnose and manage diseases.


  • Teach nuclear medicine technology students complex mathematical relationships and their impact on imaging
  • Complement existing teaching methods by creating effective interactive tutorials, and update them quickly as nuclear medicine and technology moves forward
  • Pack more learning into the standard semester, to help students keep up with expanding field


  • PTC Mathcad’s textbook-like calculations clearly illustrate the relationships between parameters in complex formulas in a graphical way
  • Worksheets integrate formulas and visualizations; as a parameter in an equation changes, students can clearly see change in imaging
  • Interactive tutorials designed and developed in PTC Mathcad


  • Interactive tutorials convey difficult content in 50% of the time compared to old acetate and markers approach
  • As a result, students are able to spend more time perfecting, rather than learning, imaging techniques
  • Interactive tutorials won second place in a scientific computer exhibit at the Society of Nuclear Medicine Conference

BCIT Mathcad Image

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