Andritz Hydro Pvt. Ltd. Adopts PTC Mathcad for Complex Engineering Calculations

ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services (“from water-to-wire”) for hydropower plants, and one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation.


  • Implement a robust engineering calculation tool with advanced functions
  • Create accurate and precise calculations required for a water turbine plant
  • Improve calculation verification
  • Simplify the process for re-using existing calculation for new projects


  • Support the creation of complex engineering calculations with PTC Mathcad’s intuitive, white board interface
  • Use natural math notation to enable engineers to simultaneously solve and document their calculations
  • Quickly create and refer to calculation sheets using PTC Mathcad’s robust engineering libraries
  • Easily re-use existing calculations for new projects


  • Reduced engineering calculation time
  • Improved calculation documentation and reuse
  • Enabled quicker initiation of design calculations using PTC Mathcad templates
  • Increased engineering calculation accuracy