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Intern Success Stories

During my last months of studies I decided to join PTC as an intern in the PTC University Team for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Two months later I got hired by the PTC sales department in Barcelona as they had an open Inside Sales Associate position available for the products, Mathcad & Creo. After 3 months I switched to the channel activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I was in charge of my own accounts and worked closely with our value-added resellers. Another 6 months later I switched positions and went back to PTC University. There I started to work as an Inside Sales Representative for UK and Emerging Geos.

What do you like at PTC:

PTC has a great environment and supports you on your way to grow. As you can see, I had the possibility to get a good overview on the different tasks and roles. The colleagues you are working with are all open-minded. Everyone shares his / her knowledge with you and if you show that you are interested and that you want to grow they support you in your future plans and in finding the right path for you. Additionally, PTC gets involved in social projects. Thus, PTC does not just support their own employees but also the community. It is a good company to find the right balance between your professional side at work and your social side.

- Kerstin Bode, Inside Sales Representative PTC University UK & Emerging Geos, Spain

I had the chance to join PTC in 2009 for 2 years as part of my Engineering Degree (‘sandwich courses’). I worked for the TS Operations Department supporting Business Intelligence and internal Reporting tools. I interacted with colleagues located all over the world (US, Canada, India, UK, Germany, etc.). These first two years at PTC really helped me to improve my English skills and to discover multiple cultures. After my graduation, I was offered a job as an Associate Engineer in the Technical Support Organization, working mainly on PLM solutions. Throughout the years, I increased my experience and expertise to become a Senior Technical Support Engineer.

What do you like at PTC:

PTC is really a great place to work. It’s rare to work for a global company with such cultural mixes. A lot of initiatives have been launched to reinforce the team spirit and collaboration across teams and regions. The work environment is amazing, especially in the Technical Support area where managers do not hesitate to support us in our career development. Regularly, I have the opportunity to share my ideas and opinion which makes me feel empowered.

- Karim Boutchacha, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Aix-en-Provence (France)

During my graduation year at the university, I joined PTC as an associate software development engineer in the Creo Assembly group located at Haifa, Israel. I joined a high profile project called “Digital Twin”. The exposure of our work peaked when PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann included it in his LiveWorx 2015 keynote. Six months later, I was offered a full time position as a software development engineer. At PTC, I am very fortunate to have bosses and mentors who help me to develop my skills and to evolve. I have the opportunity to get involved in different projects and areas, and to take on various roles.

What do you like at PTC:

All my peers at PTC are very professional and experienced. The company and people are all open-minded. Innovation and initiatives surround us. Everybody is keen to share their knowledge with you. PTC cares . PTC is involved in many educational and social projects giving back to the community. PTC offers a good balance between the professional aspect and social aspect.

- Gilad Leshem, Software Development Engineer, Israel

During my semester abroad in Barcelona I decided to join the PTC University Team as an intern on a 20h/week base. Having the chance to take over several customers and the responsibility that it implied, I was able to get a quick impression on what the job had to offer. After two months as an intern I was offered a position as an Inside Sales Representative for the German, Austrian and Swiss market.

What do you like at PTC:

PTC has given me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in any sales related aspect. Being able to adjust office wide best practices with my own way of working, I get the chance to organize myself and be effective with it. Moreover, the office is filled with young and ambitious people from all over the world that are eager to learn and at the same time have fun doing so. That makes PTC a great place to work.

- Marcel Alexej Bieder, Inside Sales Representative PTC University CER, Spain