You Call Yourself a Creo Expert?

You know Creo and all the tips and tricks, the secrets, the shortcuts, right? Or do you?

Steven LaPha, a contractor/CAD/PLM administrator at NASA certainly does. He has a decade-long knowledge on Creo. In those 10 years, he’s seen new versions, new updates, added features, and now he’s challenging other users—new and old—to see how skilled and current you are with trivia questions.

Here’s a quick test.  See if you can answer the following correctly:

We’ll give you a couple of days to answer the question in the comments. We’ll post the answer soon.

Want more? LaPha is presenting a 45-minute, interactive session at LiveWorx next month (and as far as we know a game-show first). Contestants (that’s YOU) will be tested on tips and tricks on Creo Parametric 3.0. Along the way, you might even learn some new ways to use the 3D design software, while gaining a deeper understanding. Do you have what it takes to call yourself a Creo Expert? Attend LaPha’s session at LiveWorx and find out!