World-Class Graphics Performance with Creo 3.0

Good news. You can now get world-class graphics performance to go with your world-class PTC software.

With Creo 3.0, AMD and PTC have continued to ensure superior graphics performance – fully optimizing software and hardware. During PTC Live Global, CADplace talked with AMD’s Jon Clark and PTC’s Sandy Smith about AMD FirePro solutions as well as the AMD & PTC partnership – a hardware-software combination that’s delivering interactive graphics performance for users of Creo.


Here’s the Creo and AMD configurations highlighted in the CADplace interview:

  • For the most demanding of road warriors, the Dell Precision M6800 with Creo is ideal for those on the road. The 17″ mobile workstation uses the AMD FirePro M6100 GPU for high-performance 3D graphics.
  • For those in the office, the high-performance AMD FirePro W7000 GPU with 4GB of on-board memory is perfectly matched with a workstation like the Dell Precision T5610. With Creo, the combination can handle extremely large assemblies.
  • For those working remotely, the AMD FirePro R5000 and the Dell Precision R7610 remote workstation platform. Compression technology ensures the remote workstation user has the same user experience as when running Creo locally.

AMD and PTC have been cooperating for many years and have delivered tangible performance and reliability benefits to users with every major release of Creo.

Read the full CADplace interview here.