Your Installation Is Ready: Join 1.4M PLM Users Today

our PLM system is ready for you. Indeed, the servers, network, configurations—everything is already set up. With PTC PLM Cloud, you just log on to a browser, and instantly, you have access to a professional system that you can use to securely centralize your product data and collaborate across teams  both within and outside your company.

What is PTC PLM Cloud?  It’s a flexible subscription offering that’s geared to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. PTC PLM Cloud is based on PTC Windchill, a technology with more than 1.4 million seats already deployed and a platform that was designed from the beginning as a web-based approach to PLM. Today, PTC Windchill is the industry’s most comprehensive PLM solution.

With PTC PLM Cloud, we’re offering the same technology online so anyone can take advantage of the benefits of a proven PLM system.

Why do 1.4 million already use PTC PLM solutions? Names like Whirlpool, Phillips, and Volvo all use PTC Windchill software. You’ll find our solutions everywhere from footwear manufacturers to automobile makers, even a major bus manufacturer in the UK:

With the PTC

offering, the system automatically keeps track of versions and iterations—so nobody ever loses or accidentally updates or overwrites the wrong file again. Users also enjoy:

  • Multi-CAD data management to manage all the CAD formats that you use in your design and manufacturing processes.
  • Embedded 2D/3D viewers—so even team members who don’t use CAD can still open and inspect 3D models.
  • Automated publishing of design content to ensure that the necessary formats are always available and up to date for use by manufacturing and procurement.
  • Multi-level BOM Configurations for a thorough understanding of parent/child relationships.
  • Release management to control the release of product information to production.
  • Change management to formally control and communicate engineering changes.
  • Workflow/Lifecycle management to automate key processes, thus reducing errors.
  • Project management to ensure projects are developed efficiently and delivered on time and within budget.
  • Project collaboration to bring together internal and external teams to work on product development projects.

So why doesn’t everyone already use PLM? Until recently, PLM software has been out of reach for smaller firms. A company that wanted a sophisticated system often needed new hardware for database servers, file servers, and license servers. And, as you might guess, they often needed new IT staff to support it all.

Traditional deployments also took time. For example, team members often met with consultants to define their processes. Experts would customize and configure the software. And after months, sometimes years, the technology would finally roll out so teams could start using it.

Adopting PLM was a big initiative. For large companies, the investment paid off with dramatic reductions in development cycles, errors, and costs. But many others shied away because of the investment and time involved.

Now businesses of all sizes can afford to adopt world-class PLM. With PTC PLM Cloud, there’s no longer any expensive infrastructure to oversee. No need to set up complex expensive extranets or manage access via VPNs, either. Just tap into our systems and start working—instantly!  And with PTC PLM Cloud, you can pay as you go for just those unique users who use the service in any month.  You can invite your customers, partners, and suppliers and ramp projects up and down to meet the cyclical demands of your business.

Within a day, you can start sharing data and collaborating with your in-house teams and those at remote sites. Exchange data with customers and suppliers. And drive processes across your whole supply chain (think automated release management). PTC PLM Cloud is secure and configured especially for small- to medium-sized businesses like yours.

Can a company outgrow its cloud subscription? One of the best parts about using a cloud solution is that we have the capacity to accommodate your needs as you grow. We can support you whether your users all sit in the same building, or across the ocean. That means you’ll never have to budget for updated machinery or software. You can add and remove seats temporarily for special projects. Over time, you can even add more capabilities as your business needs them.

Tap into your production-ready system today. To find out more about how PTC PLM Cloud brings big-company efficiency and results to small- and medium-sized businesses, watch the video.