CE Masters: Delivering Prize-Winning Designs to Clients with PTC Creo

The Quinny Yezz is a standout product. A travel stroller, it’s won design awards and accolades from critics and mommy bloggers throughout the world. As baby buggies go, they’re attractive and durable, and something about them makes you want to dance and launch yourself into the air (Ed. Don’t try this at home):

But before the acrobatics, earnest testimonials, or trophies came along, there was a Dutch engineering firm and long-time PTC Creo customer, CE Masters. Founded in 1993, CE Masters has developed dozens of products for clients like Yezz in every industry imaginable. Besides children’s strollers, the company has worked on dredging equipment, coffee makers, MRI machines—and many many other products.


The Consultancy Turned Full-Service Development Firm

The funny thing is, back when the team got started with that first seat of PTC software, nobody intended CE Masters to be a product development company. Rather, they meant to simply provide consulting services to companies, helping maximize the client’s return on 3D CAD investments.

But they quickly saw company’s needed much more. “We noticed that our clients required not only good advice, but also engineering capacity,” states the corporate website. “Therefore CE Masters started sending its engineers to clients to do engineering work”

By 2001, that “interim engineering” service grew to include turn-key projects and CE Masters developed into a full-service development bureau for conceptual product development and mechanical engineering.  The design awards have been rolling in ever since, including the prestigious iF award for the Quinny Yezz.

The Best-in-Class Product Development Environment

As part of Masters’ evolution and learning over the years, the company began to see the immense value of simulation and product lifecycle management. That’s why the company adopted PTC Creo Simulate and PTC PDM solutions.

PTC Creo Simulate is a structural, thermal and vibration analysis solution that integrates with PTC Creo. It contains a comprehensive set of finite elements analysis capabilities so engineers can study how 3D virtual prototypes will perform before they make the first physical part.

“By performing simulations as early as possible in the engineering process, we can explore and optimize many concepts,” states the corporate website. “These multiple and very short design loops result in early insight in product behavior.”

With PTC PDM solutions, the company added a product lifecycle management system that provides a common working environment for PTC Creo users, centralizing vaulting and revision control for designers. In addition, it accelerates the work of non-CAD users by providing easy access to information relevant to their roles in the process.

Using these capabilities in the 3D design environment created the perfect environment for CE Masters to produce winners like the Yezz in record time.

“Key for using PTC Solutions is the fact that the integrated PTC solutions are able to support our design strategy for developing best-in-class products for our customers,” says Sander de Regt, business leader, CE Masters