Too Small for Product Lifecycle Management? Look to the Cloud

When you’re a small company juggling customers, projects, and partners, it’s easy to put off driving operational improvement. With revisions and deadlines looming, there’s never a good day to step back, organize file folders, or even ask, “Are my naming conventions working?” and “Will I be able to find this version of this model if the client comes back in a year and wants a revision?”

Mature companies deal with all those data challenges by deploying product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software. These systems vault and organize design information, secure it, and make it easy to share and reuse later. In some cases, they can automate workflows (think engineering change notices), manage BOMs, and even tell you all the different places a single part is used within your company.

But mature companies have IT departments and capital budgets for things like server and database hardware. They often employ a person whose one job is to look after the CAD and PLM system. Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can’t match those resources. That means SMBs haven’t enjoyed the competitive benefits of well-organized and managed product data.

Until now.

A couple weeks ago, PTC—developer of PTC Windchill, a PLM system used by more than 1 million people worldwide—introduced a PLM solution for the cloud. This software brings all the benefits of a big-company data and lifecycle management to smaller companies by delivering software as a service (SaaS). That is, you use the software over the Internet, storing and accessing your data securely online. PTC takes care of the rest: server farms, upgrades, availability, and (most importantly) security. We even provide the IT guys who maintain and tune the software. For a small company, that means sophisticated PLM is just a login screen away. If you want to see what that might look like for your company, watch this 2-minute demo. You’ll get the picture:


PTC PLM Cloud is a new hosted subscription flexible enough to meet the changing needs of SMBs

PTC PLM Cloud brings SMBs a much more professional and streamlined way to manage your essential product development resources. It leads to faster design, fewer errors (ever revised the wrong version of a model?), and more flexibility than other approaches to vaulting and reusing data. We’ll tell you more about it in coming weeks. Watch for these topics soon:

  • How PTC PLM Cloud takes away deployment headaches and removes the risk of investing in new hardware and consultants.
  • How PTC PLM Cloud supports your multi-CAD workplace of PTC Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, etc, including vaulting, security, revisions, versioning, and more.
  • How PTC PLM Cloud streamlines how you connect with sites, customers, and suppliers.