Tips & Tricks: A (Much) Faster Way to Reuse Fasteners

Without automation, adding 10, 20, 30, or more of the same fastener to your assembly can make you feel a bit like Phil Connors on Groundhog Day.

But with the Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFX), introduced in Creo 3.0, you can focus on your design, rather than repetitive tasks. Instead of measuring and manually adding holes and hardware to assemblies, the comprehensive parts library and tool streamline your development processes.

Maybe your company has a bunch of legacy fasteners that you won’t find in the standard library. No problem. The parts library is customizable, so you can update your existing hardware library so that it can be utilized by Creo IFX. Click here to see how to use your existing hardware library with Creo IFX.

Here’s the basic workflow:

  1. Identify  the location of the library.
  2. Choose which fasteners you would like to be available in Creo
  3. Provide a few details about the hardware

That’s it. Creo does the rest, automatically adding your fastener and hole.

Once you have migrated your library, then just like using the comprehensive out of the box library that comes with Creo IFX it is very easy to add a fastener to your assembly:

  1. Click Tools > Screw.
  2. Identify the position of a fastener by selecting the datum point, axis, or a hole. Then, you can either…
    • Select two aligning surfaces to define a fastener connection with a thread.
    • Select two opposing surfaces to define a fastener and nut connection.
  1. On the Screw Fastener Definition dialog, complete the following steps:
    1. Select a library from the Catalog drop-down menu.
    2. Using the Screw field, select a fastener from the library.
    3. From the leftmost Thread drop-down menu, choose the size of the thread. Or, use the button to the right of the menu to measure the thread size using an existing hole.

  2. Select a fastener from the standard parts library.

    1. From the rightmost Thread drop-down menu, select the length of the fastener manually. Or, click the button to the right of the field to have it set automatically.
  3. Click the >> button to expand the Screw Fastener Definition dialog, and access to adjust the hole tolerance and choose whether to have a counterbore. The expanded dialog is shown below.

  4. Image: You can see a 3D view of the fastener by selecting Preview.

  5. When you are satisfied, click OK to assemble the fastener.

You can see a demo of these steps in the following video:

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Learn more about Creo IFX on the Creo Help Center pages About Working with Creo Intelligent Fastener (IFX) and Assembly Design (Intelligent Fastener, Assembly)