Tips & Tricks: Hyperlinks to Combination States

In order to have quick access to the various combination states in your assembly, you can create a hyperlink on note text that, when clicked, opens the specified combination state. This allows you to easily access various combination states. For example, within your assembly you could create a hyperlink on a note that automatically opens an exploded view of a certain complex portion of the assembly. 

Image: This assembly has numerous areas with hyperlinked note text. The hyperlinked text is highlighted in red.

Once a combination state has been configured, you can create a note annotation within your model that contains a hyperlink to the configured combination state. Clicking the hyperlink sets the model to the specified combination state.

To set up a note annotation with a hyperlink to the combination state (again, once you've configured a combination state), follow these steps:

  1. Within your assembly, select a note annotation.
  2. Click Format > Hyperlink to open the Edit Hyperlink dialog box.
  3. In the Type the URL or internal link box, you can see a list of all of the combination states in the model. 
  4. Select the combination state that you want to be linked to the note text, and then click OK.

Image: The Edit Hyperlink dialog box shows a list of all of the combination states in the model.

Now, when you click on the note, the view switches to the designated combination state, like the one shown below.

Image: Clicking the Mbd0_Default hyperlink on the earlier image opens a combination state.

This functionality is helpful for setting up navigation that can be used to view all of the combination states in a large or complex model. You can designate each note as a hyperlink to a specified combination state.

See it now

To see a demonstration of these steps, watch this video:

To learn more, read the Creo Help Center page, To Show Models in Various States.

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