Tips & Tricks: Exclude Areas from Draft Angle Changes

Have you downloaded Creo 4.0 yet? Here’s another tip you’ll want to try out. With the software, you can now change the draft angle of surfaces while automatically excluding surfaces that shouldn’t be drafted. Here’s how it works.

Modify a Draft

To change the angle of a draft and automatically exclude surfaces that meet the draft requirements, just follow these steps:

  1. Select a draft in the model tree.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Select Exclude areas with draft. Surfaces that won’t be changed are highlighted in green, while surfaces that will be changed are orange
  4. Drag the handles to change the draft angle.

Excluding areas with draft

Changing the draft angle. Excluded surfaces are highlighted in green.

Watch the Demo

You can see a brief demo in the video below.

To learn more, read the PTC Creo Help Center page, Enhanced Draft Tool

Start Using Creo 4.0 Today

This is just one of many new capabilities in our latest release. We’ll have much more in coming weeks. If you haven’t downloaded Creo 4.0 yet, visit the Creo 4.0 page to find out more about this exciting new release and start using it today.